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by Theresa Cahill
Copyright 2002 - All Rights Reserved

You have at your fingertips one of THE most valuable resources on the net, the ezine!

Are you making good use of it?

Sure, you're busy. You've got your life both on and offline with plenty of things to do in both arenas.


Are you letting THE KEY slip through your fingers?

Do you download eBooks? Read articles? Follow the gurus? Their primary message is the OPT-IN MAILING LIST!

Now, whether you want to start your own or not, since you are reading this, you've obviously opted in at some point to receive this mailing.

SO... what are you going to DO with it?

Your choices, as I see them:

1. Let it come down off the server and delete it without giving it a chance.

2. Download it off the server, click it open, scan for YOUR OWN AD, then close it and delete it.

3. Open it, look for your own ad, sort of glance to see what interests you, deleted it.


4. Open it, read it, and RESPOND TO IT!

Hey, WHY do you think you know "Terry Dean?" Or "Joel Christopher," or "Armand Morin," to name a few...?

Because those folks have gone to GREAT LENGTHS to ensure that you will REMEMBER THEIR NAME!

Hey, you are sitting on a GOLD MINE. The ezine is such a key force in the marketing world, and are you really, truly making use of it?

You know, publishers would LOVE for you to write in! They are THIRSTY for YOUR input.

And what a prime PERSONAL NAME BRANDING opportunity for YOU!

The publisher sits there and does ALL the work. Just imagine YOU helping out... supplying articles, or websites, or a bit of RESEARCH. Then, image YOU getting CREDIT for that input.

People begin to see YOUR NAME, people begin to assume YOU are SOMEBODY!

Now, of course, common sense dictates that if you are to become a SOMEBODY, you'll need to contribute quality material, quality insight, etc.

OR.. from the other end, as a NEWBIE, ask questions! You've GOT to know that if YOU are wondering "how?" someone else is wondering it, too! So ask!

Then, those that have been around long enough to know the good from the bad can help!

So, the long and the short of it...?

If you're throwing your ezines away without even considering the possibilities, wow... are you missing the boat!

Get Involved! SEE what a difference it makes :)

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