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by Theresa Cahill
All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2002

The most frequently asked question has got to be, "WHAT should I sell?" Well here's an idea to consider:

Sell Your OWN Software

Whether you can program your own or pay someone to do it for you, selling your own software has got to be one of the TOP ways to make money on the net.

By selling software I'm talking anything from new pc games to computer programming, scripts, etc. The list of ideas is truly limitless!


Consider the fact that everyone is logging onto WHAT? Well, besides the internet itself, they first log onto their own COMPUTER!

Whether you come up with a great standalone program to make someone's computer time easier and/or their online time better, faster, whatever, this is a winning way to make MONEY!

Notice the guys out there already doing just that... and making it big!

And... If you can't develop it yourself (no programming experience), there are programmers out there willing to go to work FOR you and turn your great idea into a workable, sellable product.

DO check references, they don't come cheap... but, that idea you've been sitting on just may be THE money maker of all time!


Again ask around. Maybe you already know someone with the skills to turn your ideas into reality. Team up and conquer the internet together!


When a great idea hits, DO write it down immediately. No matter the time or place or hour. Nothing is worse then having a brilliant idea, but not remembering what it was hours or days later.

So, as you go about your daily routine, jot those ideas down and see if there isn't a PRODUCT hidden in there just waiting to be born!

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