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By Theresa Cahill
Copyright 2003 - All Rights Reserved

Recently I had the wonderful fortune of coming across the PERFECT script that is unreadable on your webpage by all those roving 'bots out there - you know the ones just waiting to harvest your email address - all variations of it - throughout your website and then spam the daylights out of you.

Of course you know! Our inboxes are living proof!

Well this code is so easy and it works so darn well that I'd like to share it with you right now in the hopes that you WILL rush out to your website and start replacing your current email coding with this little beauty! Maybe we can put a sizeable dent in the spam robots... hey, it could happen!

The beauty of this code is that there is NO OTHER code involved. You literally replace all your current *a href="mailto" links right at the source. No javascript in the header, nothing... zip... zilch... nada!

The code is:

Between the quote marks of the showlink you can type anything you want, and it does NOT have to run together - you can type "Email Me Using This Link," you do not have to type, "Email_Me_Using_This_Link."

The showname is the first part of your email (anything before the @ sign) - and, of course, the showhost is everything after the @ sign (your email isp).

Again just put this little script right in place of your mailto - modifying the SHOWLINK text at will.

Spam HAS gotten totally out of control, so much so that there may not BE a solution to the problem, but if we all ban together, really attempt to do our part in it's prevention, maybe, just maybe we really can make a difference!

Go do your part ... now :)

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