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by Theresa Cahill
Copyright 2003 - All Rights Reserved

The most amazing thing has happened since we moved from a small town in Nevada into the greater Las Vegas area - my whole perspective has changed and not in a way you'd typically expect.

Yes we have the city life we've not had for more than nine years, but this change in perspective is even simpler, much narrower.

It's a kitchen window.

If you've ever been in a home where the kitchen isolates you from the outer world - maybe a view of a blank wall next door - you'll truly appreciate what I'm about to say.

Amazing things happen when your outlook changes!

For instance, looking out now I'm treated to pine trees (yes, even in the desert), blue sky, attractive landscaping, a pool and spa (water!), wild life, and much more.

And the outcome of this change in scenery is simple - it is now a pleasure to maintain a usable, clean kitchen.

But it's not just the kitchen. The focus may be on the clean countertops and shiny kitchen windows, but the ramifications go much further.

This one tweak in my outlook also has a major impact on the rest of our living space. We want and need for it to stay clean and organized. It's that simple.

Okay, right about now you might be wondering, "Am I reading a house and garden how-to article?" The answer is, of course, no, since my focus online is marketing and advertising.

What this is all about is perspective.

For the past eight years I've seen just about everything there is to see in terms of ML'M and affiliate programs. I've seen good and bad products and services come and go with a bare handful that seem to have the "right stuff" to hang in there, even years later. I've explored, promoted, and often rejected, the best and worse of them.

I've seen all sorts of wild and crazy promotion methods, many of these if not outright illegal certainly flirting on its edges.

I've seen totally unethical individuals scam victims over and over, and watched truly honorable and professional individuals weather the ups and downs of being online.

And it is those that stick with it that succeed.

Succeeding is extremely difficult. Finding that right thing for yourself is the hardest decision.

It is all about perspective.

Are your expectations too high? Not high enough?

Do you have the strength and fortitude to weather the ups and downs, the seeming whims and fads of cyberspace? Will you honestly devote the time and vast amounts of effort it does take to "make a living" online?

Do you want the millionaire home or are you content to make enough money to supplement your income (perhaps pay your online expenses or household utilities)?


Sure the big guys will have you believe it's easy. They personally have been making a fortune - from the likes of you and me - for many, many years.

But there's nothing tricky or magical about success, no matter your personal perspective of it.

The long and short of marketing is simple:

* Devise your own personal plan

* Outline it - physically write it down

* Implement your plan via advertising, word of mouth, contests, giveaways, and more. Market not only your chosen product(s), but yourself (people buy from those they know and trust)

* Track everything

* Revise and update your plan as needed

* And above all, stick with it - through thick and thin.

Again, it's not magic - it's having and implementing a true, workable, revisable plan.

Without a systematic approach you'll spin your wheels and continue to wonder "why not me!?"

Strategy and perspective. Think "new kitchen window" and just imagine what will happen when your outlook changes.

Theresa Cahill is the owner of a solo and ezine ads co-op and often ghost writes articles, solo ads, and classified ads for clients who'd rather spend their time concentrating on their business.