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by Theresa Cahill
Copyright 2005 - All Rights Reserved

My Personal Story :)

Up until the beginning of 2005, our family has always had health insurance provided through an employer. Frankly, it's been one of those necessary evils. Easier to get through the employer than to hunt on our own, BUT the costs are staggering - especially when you consider it's suppose to be a GROUP rate.

Then, at the beginning of the year, my husband changed jobs - while associated with a company, he is an independent contractor/inspector.

This move sent me frantically searching for "affordable" health coverage for our family. Doing a search online for our region, only "major players" in the insurance industry came up. I choose the lesser of three evils and started an application (individual) with our existing (group) Health Plan of Nevada.

The huge downside was the cost! Monthly, Health Plan of Nevada was starting at $279 (a quote, not a fixed rate), with a $5000 deductible and $50 office visits. It did NOT include vision or dental. In addition, they wanted 5 years of records (even though we are already in their group program).

To make a long story short, my sister and brother-in-law called at the perfect moment!

After investigating all the available IAB choices, along with checking into the background of the company itself, we choose the PREMIER PLUS program for a very low monthly cost of just $109.95 and $35 office visit co-pays (read each program carefully to ensure you understand all the wonderful benefits and choose the one right for your needs).

To become enrolled was a breeze! No lengthy applications just the information IAB needs to get us included in their group organization.

The coverage is outstanding, and I'm positively giddy to be saving huge sums of money each and every month.

For us there is no other choice... it's IAB all the way!

My advice? Enroll today! Give yourself (and family) peace of mind. Get your health insurance coverage here at IAB today.

There's even a business opportunity (as you can tell) that I'd be happy to discuss with you.


All the available programs are listed on the left-hand side of that page :)

Here's to you & your family's peace of mind,

Theresa Cahill thewiz @

P.S. We just heard from ehealthinsurance regarding Health Plan of Nevada. They offered us coverage not at the $279 quoted price, instead it would have cost us $376.65 a month! Yikes, sure glad we found IAB!


Theresa Cahill is the owner of My Wizard Ads, a true one-stop spot for your online advertising needs.