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by Theresa Cahill
Copyright 2005 - All Rights Reserved

New to online promoting? Wondering where to start and what to start with...?

Here's an easy explanation, along with a few pros and cons for "standard" online a.dvertising fare:


First of all you'll notice right away that I'm using a punctuation mark (the period) to break up certain words as I type. This helps me make sure that when someone reproduces this article, it won't create a log jam at the receiver's isp and get fi.ltered into their ju.nk box.

A cl.assified a.d needs to be composed in a similar manner. There are definitely words that one cannot help but use - they just so clearly define what one needs to say and are unavoidable.

That's fine. Many publishers are already savvy to these " tr.igger words" and make adjustments. They want their ezines/newsletters delivered and read as much as you want your a.dvertising to be seen.

But you do need to consider your words carefully.

The benefits of a cl.assified a.d are it can be placed inexpensively or even for INSIDE the ezine/newsletter. In addition, many publishers archive their past issues making them ideal for search engines to pull content/ searchable terms.

So, along with immediate a.dvertising, you also gain the advantage of being archived for later searches :)

Another plus to the cl.assified ad is that done inexpensively it helps you stretch your budget while you tweak and rework your original wording.

Very few people can start off by writing THE ultimate cl.assified a.d.

And, very few people have an unl.imited budget for doing that most-necessary tweaking.

Find a spot where you can a.fford to work and rework your cla.ssified a.d until you've achieved one that pulls the tra.ffic you need.

The only "down side" to a clas.sified (if there even is one, and I don't believe it) would be going up against other cla.ssifieds in the same issue. However, with imagination and time you've got the ability/means to create THE a.d that should pull for you.


The solo ad is much trickier regardless of how flippantly others might try to convince you that it's not.

The SUBJECT LINE - the only words someone will see IN THEIR INBOX - is the most critical component of a solo.

Solos are sent individually to existing lists. They do not have the advantage of being archived. Once sent, that's it - so make it good!

Again choosing the right spot so you can tweak and rework your solo and it's subj line is important. Starting out with a $300 (!!) solo when you've never done it before can turn out to be a major financial disaster - or not.

If you've got what it takes to get it opened, read, and acted upon, bully for you! (If this is you, start your own solo writing service, and I'm very serious.)

Most of us, however, do not. We need the room - both financially and time-wise - to work up that winning solo.

Again, patience and an understanding of what your potential audience will and will not BELIEVE is critical. People are cautious, and, moreover, people are smart. Most people do believe "if it sounds too good to be true..." so avoid that pitfall right from the start.

Generate excitement - not hype.


There's a difference.

Hits are not visitors per se. Yes, the webpage itself is shown front and center to a pair of eyes. And hits can and are a good thing. But you also need unique VISITORS specifically requesting to see your page. Visitors looking specifically for what you have to offer.

Hits can be had by the hundreds if not thousands, and usually for (see my sitemap for examples, under the recommendations section).

Hits are, and should be used as, a good fre.e source for branding your web page.

Hits are randomly generated. A person may or may not be interested, may or may not have been looking for what you have to show them.

However, most of us need VISITORS, people truly looking for what it is we, specifically, are offering.

Once again, no one need spend bundles of cash to get unique website visitors. Do shop around for this service.


Guaran.teed signup programs abound on the web. It can be very difficult to choose one that will deliver what they promise which is typically a or pay-to-join member into your existing downline.

Shop around. I list a service that has good credentials and a good reputation though I personally do not provide this service.

You'll want to look for a gs business that's been around awhile, but even more importantly has good, solid testimonials and one where you can actually get it touch with the owner.

Yes, pick up the phone before you order or email the owner and request he/she send their telephone number to you. You want to talk first and then act.


Leads are second cousins to the right gua.ranteed signup service.

Leads can range from the totally useless to the "wow I hit the motherload!" if you do your own due diligence tracking down the right lead-generating service or system.

Leads are the lifeblood of any business, anywhere.

Ideally, leads are pre-generated lists of individuals interested in what you have to offer. A lead list can be very basic (name and email only) or include snail mail information and telephone numbers.

The more information you are given the better because it gives you more options to make, and keep, that contact.

Know what you are ordering ahead of time. Read. Ask questions if necessary. Obviously if no one answers your inquiries, move on.

You've heard it before and it's totally true. List-building is what it's all about online. By building a list of truly "I want to be on your list!" people, you have the means to keep them posted on what you're doing, and for how much :)


All types of a.dvertising exists out there. All a.dvertising should work toward the one ultimate goal of getting that persons name and email (and phone number if possible).

While most people think "sale" or "mo.ney" if you scale down to "that would be nice, but the name/email is even better!" you're more than halfway to understanding and achieving your online success!

Theresa Cahill is the owner of My Wizard Ads. Her job is to make your online advertising experience as effective and effortless as possible!