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I don’t often do this, but today a good friend (and long time client) of mine sent me something that just makes perfect sense. I personally don’t even own a cell phone, have never sent a text message (other than online), and I am a stickler when it comes to driving.

I play my role as driver very seriously. In fact, frankly, I’m a control freak and almost always insist on being the one to drive (it’s a long story going back to my childhood and into my youthful 20s).

As the driver of the automobile, whether it’s just me inside or with passengers, it is the driver’s personal responsibility to ensure that, to the best of one’s ability, all remain safe and arrive or return where they belong – in one piece.

I understand, and deeply empathize with anyone who has lost a loved one due to an automobile accident. That’s why when Paul Uhl sent me information on how to text hands free, I figured it would be next to criminal not to share this with you.

Nope, I’m not an affiliate, but I do care about your life if you’re one of the crazy people who insist on texting (or for that matter using a cell phone at all) when you should be paying attention to the road.

So check out this safe way to text hands free with voice activated technology… please!

Heck, the thing will even post to your Facebook for you. You stay safe, and others are not subjected to your dangerous driving habits.

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3 Responses to “Safety First | Now This Makes Sense”

  1. Thank you for this wonderful tidbit of information, Theresa.

    I’m not a cell phone user either other than for rare occasions. When I’m driving my cell phone is off. I find it deplorable that anyone would be texting while driving putting themselves and others at risk. I know many do other ridiculous tasks while driving too.

    Much like you, I like to be in control and in the driver’s seat.


    Magic happens when you give with an open heart ~Terry Gorley~

  2. List Builder says:

    I’m a cell phone user, but cannot stand when I drive with people who text! Not only are they putting their life in danger, but they also are putting my life at risk as well.

    When I drive I NEVER text. I see on the news every few months a new story of a bad car crash due to texting. It just doesn’t make sense that people think sending a simple text message which can wait is more important then their own life.

  3. Theresa C says:

    Hey Theresa G, thanks for the read and the comment. It scares the living daylights out of me every time I see some (idiot) talking and/or texting and driving. For years and years we all got along just fine leaving our houses and returning home to safely return phone calls. Heck, even at one time there were no answering machines LOL! Now everywhere you go, it’s like a flipping lifeline, as if everyone is a participant on that win a million dollars game show and just HAVE to “phone a friend.” Sigh
    .-= Theresa C´s last blog ..Too Good to Be True Most Likely the Answer is Yes =-.

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