List Building With A Capital D For Duh

It’s extremely difficult to not come up with the obvious when creating a post, because as anyone whose been around even for the tiniest while knows list building is the key, but learning how to easily build a list is not.

I’ve been list building for years. In fact, starting out I made the really stupid mistake of not list building. I always “meant to” but somehow never got around to setting up the components required to begin my own list building.

So “back in the day” I lost about two years worth of potential, continuous contacts. By delaying my simple setup (all the while telling people how very important it was – and is) I just proved to myself, that even the “most experienced” of us can be really stupid at times. Oh I had tons of excuses that I told myself. I was too busy to set a capture method up for list building (and busy I was), I’ll get to that “tomorrow.” But, again, that was a poor, stupid move on my part. And I knew better. I know how absolutely important list building is to anyone online!

List Building, There Is No “I’ll Do It Later”

The components for list building are so darn simple, yet so very critical. Here are just a few suggestions, even if you’re promoting other people’s products:

o Get this list building ebook
o Get yourself a good autoresponder.

Follow the easy to understand instructions. You’ll be list building your own in no time.

And speaking of “your own” keep in mind that you may be thinking, “But this sounds like work.” And then take a good hard look at that product you just picked or paid for to promote. The owner of that web site has integrated list building, right? It’s not there just to take up space.

It’s Great To Promote For Others But It’s a Mistake Not to Work at List Building For Yourself

Most people associate a website with list building. Yes, a website comes in handy, but it’s not a necessity! When you use your advertising dollars to promote that other person’s program, it is just as easy to put a mailto url into your ezine or solo ad as it is to send them to the website. When you do the latter, you are bypassing your chance to get a contact. However, if you wrote your ad in such a way to capture that person’s name and email and get them where they want to go, it’s a win-win situation!

How You Use An Autoresponder For Your Own List Building

Aweber is one of many autoresponders out there. They also have the advantage of video training (or just reading the instructions) to get you up and running. When you use a mailto in your ad, you would use the “address” of the autoresponder corresponding to that particular product. You can set up unlimited autoresponders with a service like Aweber, thus promoting specific niches and having isolated lists.

You also have the choice to choose which type of code you want to use. Your autoresponder choice would be the “email” code versus the website HTML box (until you get that website going). This is the list building link you would test in your ezine ad or your solo advertising or even your article.

Inside the autoresponder setup itself, you simply add a single message corresponding to that autoresponder list building email. Something simple like, “Thank you for requesting ___ information. Click here (providing your affiliate link to the page your ad was taking about). I know you’ll find this as intriguing/unique/needed as I do!” and off they go.

The beauty is, assuming you do not mention the name of what you’re ezine or solo ad is about (really bad move!), and you choose the option to basically cloak the link in your reply to them, you up your odds individuals don’t pull a play end run around on you and just head to the web page. Listing building is all about not giving others the opportunity to get to the product page except through you. Two birds, one stone.

Again, because you can create separate autoresponders (e.g., a marketing product, housecleaning, health, what have you), you’ll be building separate lists. Each list building niche will be specific and you can easily hone in on the type of product that works best for you to promote.

Don’t Be Stupid Like I Was – Start List Building Today Not Tomorrow or Next Year

If list building wasn’t important, do you think everyone would keep telling you how very important it is? Of course not! It is that very importance that keeps the whole list building strategy “in your face” for a very good reason!

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  1. Nice site ,Great Information.

    Man that’s me waiting and not taking action till now .

    Thanks Theresa for helping me .

    Rick Alexander

    • Theresa Cahill says:

      Hi Rick, I happen to know first hand though that you’re “correcting” the problem and truly on your way! Great job!

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  3. Chris Stanle says:

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  4. I think this is a real great blog article. We all need to work much harder at list building! Much thanks again. Really Great.

    • Theresa Cahill says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more! Contacts, contacts, contacts – online and offline – it’s what makes the world go round. So build that list!

  5. Romeo Gottdenger says:

    Nice blog, I appreciate the great content you provide us. I really believe this can be really a difficult task.

    • Theresa Cahill says:

      Not as difficult as you might think. To the right you’ll see a link out to Aweber, they have some awesome videos to help walk you through the process quite easily.

  6. Navarre says:

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      Hi Vilcan, I hope you return and really take this information to heart (and you will know what I mean).

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    • Theresa Cahill says:

      You are welcome Ranweiler – although I believe you need to re-read it (and do a bit of searching around here). I’ve got plenty of real ways to market and help your online advertising. List building being the objective, but many additional ways to build that list.

  10. Maggie says:

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    • Theresa Cahill says:

      Well Maggie, as for “one of the best”…. I’ve been around a LONG time, but I also follow a ton of other bloggers. No single person could ever be “the best.” The net is a collaborative effort 🙂

      But thank you for the compliment, I hope the information proves useful for you. Also as a side note, should you return, some methods are MUCH better than others….

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    I think that more people need to understand the importance of list building.

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