Stuck On What to Write? Here Are Some Article Ideas

for those light bulb ah ha moments for article ideasOne of the most valuable internet marketing strategies any person can use is the often talked about article writing; however, getting article ideas can slow a person down. Sitting with your wordpad or what have you open, and unable to come up with the right words can be a frustrating experience.

Article Ideas From the Most Unlikely Places

Interestingly enough, this very post (while not an article per se) came about by a chance visit to one of the sources I use for on-the-side revenue, Adgitize. In fact, it wasn’t until I logged out that I found a very cool source for when your brain just goes into shutdown mode. The source is chalked full of solutions to that brain drain and can get your “I know I need to write” into the “Ah! I have article ideas!” direction.

Article Ideas to Get You Writing

The You Can Learn Series blog provides a great resource for boosting your brain. Instead of staring mindlessly into space, try their article ideas on for size. Here’s just a few, but I highly recommend you visit the page yourself and bookmark it:

o News topics
o Social media hot topics
o Things that make you mad
o How to’s
o and so much more.

Many people believe that because their About the Author resource box is intended to point a person in the direction of their current “this is what I’m doing,” that the article itself also must be a reflection of what goes into the Author box.

However, your article ideas and your creative written product can be about ANYTHING.

Tweak Your Author Box for Promotion and Enhance Your Article Ideas

The beauty of the About the Author box is simple. Here’s an off-the-cuff idea (do put it into your own words) to show you what I mean:


John Jones has 25 years restoring 1956 Chevys. However, John’s passion online to make money rests in his confidence with the XYZ Widget Plan. Discover how to easily make money online during those down times when you’re not working on cars. You like money, right?! See what XYZ has to offer!

Seriously, that’s just off the top of my head. Being original is your best solution. But hopefully you can now approach the concept of article writing and original article ideas with a broader range of choices from which to choose.

If you found this information helpful, please leave your comments and use some of the social media buttons to your right to tell your friends and give them article ideas. If you have additional article ideas, please share them by commenting on this post.

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27 Responses to “Stuck On What to Write? Here Are Some Article Ideas”

  1. Like always Theresa your writing is always so good and to the point!

    I don’t know how you always seam to know just about everything when it comes to writing.

    It is a real pleasure to know you!

    • Theresa Cahill says:

      Thanks Rick! I, too, suffer from writer’s block occasionally – so I’ll take any reminder from quality sources any time. And the feeling is mutual!

  2. Short yet concise, Theresa. There are really times when we can’t for the life of us think of something to write. We stare at our computer screens for what seem like hours and still find nothing. During these times, instead of expecting to pluck something out of thin air, we should turn to others that might give us information. I, for one, do my rounds of my favourite blogs during this time. I know my ever dependable friends in the blogging community will never fail to inspire me or help to give me ideas. Just like what you are doing now. 😉 Thanks!

    • Theresa Cahill says:

      Thanks Wes! It is always a pleasure to have you stop by and add truly well thought out and appropriate responses (sorry to all you robo commentors out there, I just favor people over automation LOL!). What you’ll find perhaps funny is the fact that I have a few articles that need finishing yet my brain is stuck. Then I remember, DUH, that I’d made this post earlier. Me thinks a vacation would do wonders 🙂

      Again, always great to see you!

  3. I seriously enjoy your blog design, very smart. Very good article as well!

  4. Maisano says:

    I was very happy to find this site. I hope to thank you for this woderful article: How to Come Up With Article Ideas | MyWizardAds Blog. I really like your blog, I have bookmarked it. Hope that you will go on with good job, your post is very woderful. I hope you have a nice day!

  5. Your great blog is definitely worth a read if anyone comes across it. Im lucky I did because now Ive got a whole new view of this. I didnt realise that this issue was so important and so universal. You definitely put it in perspective for me, thanks fo…

    • Theresa Cahill says:

      Hi Carly, thanks for stopping by! Yes, writing is very important and honing one’s skills as a writer even more so. After all, unless you only spend your time online watching videos, everything else is the written word.

  6. Thank you for this information – very helpful!

    I’ve had a glance at the You Can Learn Series blog, and it’s amazing! I certainly have bookmarked it!

    • Theresa Cahill says:

      Hi Kanute, I just love finding interesting and useful websites. It’s strange how doing one little thing, like logging out of something else in this case, can lead a person to such a useful internet marketing checklist with suggestions write up 🙂

  7. Hi Theresa

    Great article. I quickly looked at the links you have referred. Great resources. Thanks for sharing.


    • Theresa Cahill says:

      Thanks a bunch Lalitha! Simple solutions and a bit of a nudge every now and then can do wonders for one’s brain – especially if it’s “stuck.” 🙂

  8. It’s the small adjustments that create the biggest shift.

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