Commenting on Blogs For Greater Internet Marketing Reach

free marketing by commenting on blogsIt amazes me that people leave this simple stone unturned in their online marketing efforts – the simple act of commenting on blogs.

And, just so we’re perfectly clear here, I am not talking about that crappy auto commenting software program some “guru” thought was a great idea (it wasn’t, I just deleted 50 of those).

What I AM saying is really taking the time to read just one or two posts a day, and then (gasp!) intelligently responding to what a person has written. You’ll be astounded at the information you’ll learn and amazed at the reputation you can build by using this simple, free marketing resource!

Commenting on Blogs Is Easy

Google certainly makes it easy to find blogs (see Google’s Blogsearch), and another possibility also exists – even if you’re not a blogger.

Use Entrecard’s Category Section for Commenting on Blogs

I believe, even without an account, anyone can search Entrecard’s Categories. They list everything from:

o Books
o Blogging Resources
o Entertainment
o Arts
o Web Development
o Music
o Parenting and Family
o Religion and Spirituality
o Cooking and Dining
o Plus 43 additional categories!

Commenting on Blogs For Credibility Not Self Promotion

What makes an interesting comment? Well I can tell you it’s when I know that someone – a real person – has taken the time to read what’s written, seen something of value, has something of import to add, or just appreciates the information – and then uses their own UNIQUE words… that’s what gets them the attention they need.

Think about it. You’ve just read a really well done post in the “cooking and dining” category (yes, you most certainly can and should comment on all types of blogs and don’t let anyone else tell you differently). And, perhaps you note that a particular recipe is familiar to you, but you add peppermint to your creation. Well sharing that as you use your marketing ability of commenting on blogs is the ideal situation.

Most likely the owner of the blog will click on your name to see who you are – and tons of people love the comments (sometimes even more than the originally post itself).

If your not commenting on blogs, you are missing a free resource for both link building (in most cases), personal name branding, and the chance to send a new visitor to your web page.

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40 Responses to “Commenting on Blogs For Greater Internet Marketing Reach”

  1. Hi Theresa,

    Point taken…

    Thanks for the classified as that you wrote for me the other day…it is working a treat…

    I do appreciate what you write and also noted that posts don’t have to be long to be valuable. Thanks

    Michael-The Affiliate Blogger

    • Theresa Cahill says:

      Hi Michael, thank God! LOL! I verify all the comments that come in (okay and I also allow a few to slip by that aren’t “as real” as they should be – so it is a great pleasure to see yours (and those like yours). Especially since you’re using CommentLuv and getting the credit back for doing so. Plus thank you very much for your compliment! (In case anyone is wondering you need to go to MyWizardAds and I’d be happy to help you out, too 🙂

  2. found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

    • Theresa Cahill says:

      Of course there is no clear cut way to tell, but I’m leaving this one in tact sort of as a demonstration model of what not to do.

      The adage “when in doubt, throw it out” is true. However, since auto-comments are just that feel free to enhance them, delete them, do what you want to them – after all, the “person” who put them there won’t know and why not benefit from having to read the junk.

      Point in fact: The only way to get linking here is if you use CommentLuv.

      However, even on blogs that don’t give you anything in terms of linking (but do link your NAME to your words via the web link field) are worth commenting on WHEN YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY.

      Are you aware that all of blogger give zero link “love” as many call it. It’s built right into their system that every comment is “red lined” (to see what I mean consider using Firefox and the Addon NoDoFollow). But again, when you take the time to really make a great comment (see Michael’s above) THEN I’ll most likely check out your site and see what you’re up to – and who knows you may get a new signup or a new client or a new customer).

      Only when you are REAL online will people take you seriously.

      Again, I’m letting this one slide through more as an example of “if only the person had really gone above and beyond” when commenting on this blog. OR even if the person had, in fact, been a real person – now that’s powerful.

      Again, for an idea on how to comment, read Michael’s for an example. Input, value, and a link back from me for his efforts 🙂

  3. Dora Crabbs says:

    I’d say this thread is trying to quash your very question! Displaying the diversity beat makers have shown working within a dubstep framework, and trying to move away from this idea (that is growing more and more year by year) that dubstep is a half step loop + bass.

    • Theresa Cahill says:

      Just to truly get my point across, here’s the perfect example of what most blog owners would put into the trash. First, there is no “Dora.” Second, it has not a thing to do with what I’ve written about – again just a (final) example of what goes into my trash bin and off my server. And the sorry thing is McCosker (the potentially real person behind this comment) might have done something good for “Dora” assuming “Dora” even exists.

      Keep it real.

  4. I’ve been a reader of this website for a good while. Keep up the great work you’re doing here.

  5. For those interested, besides Google and Entrecard, also check out comluv . com (the site behind CommentLuv) to search for blogs in your niche to comment on…


  6. Biava says:

    Hello! This is kind of off topic but I need some guidance from an established blog. Is it difficult to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty fast. I’m thinking about creating my own but I’m not sure where to start. Do you have any tips or suggestions? With thanks

    • Theresa Cahill says:

      I’m replying back (with a doubt in my brain about the validity of the poster LOL) but yes for anyone reading I DO have tons of ways to help new and established bloggers get the ranking and recognition they seek. See my service at Whole Hog Blogs!

  7. Yup, you’re correct! I always manually comment on blogs opposed to using software like AMR. I feel that those people are taking the easy way in on internet marketing and that it will show over time, when they fall in SERP.

  8. Theresa: I love commenting on blogs. I almost always learn something of value. It also helps both of our rankings.



  9. Just about all I can point out is, I am not sure what to express! Except certainly, for the amazing tips that happen to be shared with this blog. I can think of a million fun tips on how to read the content on this site. I believe I will finally take action utilizing your tips on that matter I could not have been able to address alone. You had been so careful to allow me to be one of those to profit from your beneficial information. Please know how great I enjoy the whole thing.

  10. This is a well done article that I have bookmarked for future reference. Have a good.

  11. Hi! Ok so I read your post,but I must confess I’m still a blogger newbie.
    I have a wordpress site and when some people comment on my posts their name is a clickable link that takes mo to their site. Can you tell me how I can do this?

    Also when I’m leaving a comment on a blog,do I put my url in the “website” spot,or should I put it in the actual comment section?

    These are probably really dumb questions but I really just don’t know the answer.

    Thanks for your help 🙂

    • Theresa Cahill says:

      Hi Jennifer! Seems you’re already doing the right thing just by using the commentluv plugin. Your website url, of course goes into the website field with your name in the name field. This way you get two bites at the same apple; traditionally and using the commentluv plugin. I would not advocate putting your website link inside your comment unless it was relevant (useful, helpful, really a great site to recommend). When a person puts a link inside their comment, that’s one sure way I know I will delete it. To me it says, “I didn’t read this, I just have some software trying to get me listed.” I like real people 🙂

  12. Anita says:

    Yep I agree with you Theresa. And blog commenting is really effective to increase your search engine rankings (this is why people spam so much hehe). It’s also fun to do and discuss with fellow bloggers. I do some blog commenting every day 🙂

    • Theresa Cahill says:

      Hi Anita! Yes you are right. And not only that, but a person really ready to do this sort of thing (just one or two a day to start) is head and shoulders above the rest. And yes, that’s also why some poor schmucks think that the software they bought to do it for them, will more often than not, end up in the trash.

      Just a suggestion, you might want to tinker with how many of your posts display or use the more code and break up some of your articles/posts. There are lots of lovely home themes out there, jazz it up a bit!

  13. Henry Kelly says:

    Internet/Digital Marketing is still and emerging field that we’re just scratching the surface. With any online technologies and field those that master the in person/offline strategies also are what we call the true gurus of the business. They’re developing a new way of branding and corporation interaction thats not 1 sided in any direction but a holistic approach. The jobs which will flurish from this business will be similar to the introduction of the personal personal computer and also the progaming field. My suggestion for any person would be to read, learn, and innovate. Tradional approaches still apply in a digital world.

    • Theresa Cahill says:

      Thanks Henry! Yes, read, learn and innovate. Network, comment, and establish oneself as a known name go along with your list. Thanks!

  14. Well done on this post. I agree that the personal touch is very important when commenting. If you want someone to really know who you are relying on software to make ridiculous comments that don’t make any sense is stupid. Thanks so much for sharing this post.

  15. Shay Carl says:

    haha. this is an awesome idea! 🙁

    • Theresa Cahill says:

      haha back at ya LOL! You need to fill out your profile on your page – it’s going to waste but looked interesting. You also might consider a more lengthy comment LOL!

  16. Jenny says:

    Hi Theresa

    I find myself reading loads of blogs every day, I dont know why – partly I think its nosiness and also its because it is a good way of distracting myself from what I am doing for a 5 min break. I rarely comment though and given the time spent reading I think I might as well throw a comment in after I have taken the time to read it for the purpose of getting a back link, getting my name out there and also just to be friendly!

    • Theresa Cahill says:

      Hi Jenny, I’m in your boat – yes once a person is there, does it really take that much longer to add one’s two cents? What’s driving me crazy are the bots. What a waste of a person’s time – even if that meant just logging in somewhere and clicking a button. There’s two minutes that person could have spent on really replying (and most likely getting a visitor, I visited your site). So thank you!

  17. Galen Bohonik says:

    Just thought i would comment and say neat design, did you code it yourself? Looks great.

    • Theresa Cahill says:

      Sorry, just had to throw a few “comments” in as examples… Here’s one that’s 99.99999% fake. Whatever in the world does a standard, free wordpress theme have to do with the price of tea in China?

      Come on folks! For all the real visitors, thank you! Unfortunately for all the other folks paying to buy bo.gus commenting software, or worse paying someone to do it for them, what a complete and utter waste of your time and/or money.

  18. Annika23 says:

    Internet marketing to achieve a degree of success if you do not target a specific market segment. People do it all the time and you see these people fail. Do not be one of those entrepreneurs. Be focused, be precise, and succeed. It is a perfect slogan to begin with. If you just remember these three directions, you may be able to keep your goals at the forefront.

    Los Angeles Website Design

    • Theresa Cahill says:

      Hi Annika and Adam! The best part is putting the best tools to one’s use when advertising and marketing online. For instance, you’re commenting using CommentLuv so you get the advantage of the double-whammy (triple really). A real person, a real comment, and the link advantage.

      Anyone reading down through these comments, you’ll see what I mean if you get the right addon for Firefox. The rest…. well they are just wasting money paying some other person to “comment” for them with software. If you have cash like that to spare, just send it to me since by and large you’re wasting money.

  19. Kristina L. says:

    Comments do make an excellent reach in the marketing area. I like your opinion on them, as it is straight and honest. Seriously, I also do not understand people that just add “thanks for sharing” in the comment section…it practically means they do not appreciate the post at all and most likely they did not put any effort in reading it. To get involved is the best thing that can help in traffic and add value to link building. Not to mention that certain comments even bring traffic by having relevant keywords in them. So,at the end, everyone can be a winner!

    • Theresa Cahill says:

      Hi Kristina! First let me say thank you for being a real person, a rare fine in the world of comments 🙂 And, I visited your site and couponing is a wonderful way for people to save money (so I shall return and return the commenting favor). The trouble stems from the fact that ignorance is bliss for most, and laziness is the name of the game. What these individuals fail to realize is that one shoe (comment) does not fit all.

      What really cracks me up is when a “person” makes the comment that they loved the “article” when they are clearly using the robot commenting software to target blogs LOL!

      Ah well… here’s to changing the landscape of proper internet marketing one person (and comment) at a time! We can only hope 🙂

  20. I like your writing style, very easy to read. Thanks!

  21. Barbara says:

    I always get the best possible information here. All advice given here, is top notch and works if you apply it. Theresa, is the best at what she does. I’m so proud to be a member of the Whole Hog Blogs network!

  22. roy orberson says:

    Undeniably believe that you are right. Commenting is something highly personal and only a person taking the time to actually read something can respond properly. I see that I’m guilty of using the wrong methods sold to the majority of us as “the way to go” when trying to make contacts with others. Thanks again, and I’ll try to step my own comments up to not only help myself but provide value for the blog I’m commenting on. Thanks!

  23. danika says:

    I used to love reading comments on my blog but now its rare for me to read them and approve them or even comment on anothers blog. I have commented here as you seem to be on top of the approval process.

    The thing that puts me off is my blog gets hammered with comments (I actually have 2 blogs) which I sometimes see also on my second blog. Its definitly some kind of mass posting that people are doing in the thousands and it means I dont have the time to check which are real or not.

    Im told as my blog is related to dating it will get it worse than most, I think I might just delete all of the pending ones and give it another go from scratch to try and stay on top of things.

    • Theresa Cahill says:

      Hi Danika, you are too right. I logged in this morning with 68 “comments” waiting for my approval. Out of those 68, maybe 3 of them will be “real” people. It’s a shame really because one’s ability to actually add insight and a meaningful opinion could lead to a potential visit to one’s web site or blog. Ah well… until the “gurus” of the world stop selling their junk machines, anyone with a blog has to put up with the bots.

  24. Thanks a ton for finding the time to line all this out for us. This blog post has been incredibly helpful in my opinion.

  25. Excellent article. Thanks for the information. I know it will help.

  26. Tafelski says:

    Good day! I just want to give a huge thumbs up for the good info you have got right here on this post!

    • Theresa Cahill says:

      You are most welcome! Suggestion… Concentrate just a tad harder on putting some more of yourself into your comments (seriously, fact not slamming you). Of course blog owners love your feedback (gives us that sense that we’re not just spinning out wheels out here), but it also gives you the chance to make that first “great impression” and a bit of personal name branding all at the same time.

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