Guest Post | 5 Tips For Closing Clients

Yesterday I received an email from Ryan, and asked him if I could share it with you as assistance in helping you close your sales. Short, to the point, and hopefully you find the information useful and informative.

I wanted to quickly share some tips that have helped me to seal the deal with potential leads.

1. Be Yourself… Not The Biz

Now is YOUR time to shine. Let your lead know why working with you will the be the right choice and how you plan to devote your energy toward their needs. A business is great and all, but when’s the last time a business shook your hand and said hello? Be personable!

2. Remove All Obstacles

I hear all too often that a lead would take me up on my offer if only they had x and y…or they had a little more knowledge on the subject. Take the time to put your lead at ease and gain the trust needed to close the sale.

3. Follow Up

Leads will politely tell me that they need to discuss matters with their team first, or get some distance owner on the line and then I never hear from them again. Do yourself a favor and follow up with all legit leads.

4. Remove The Risk

Everyone is so protective of their investment and time and why shouldn’t they be? With so many people being taken advantage of there’s good reason to be skeptical. Remove the risk by creating creative solutions for those wanting a more secure feel before working with you.

5. Know How You’re Different

Being the “best” just isn’t good enough anymore. Be different and share with others why your different and why it’s a good thing. Position yourself differently from your competition and watch your closing rate soar!

Hope you enjoyed these 5 tips. Have yourself a marvelous [week] Monday!

Ryan (R.C.) Rice

Sometimes it’s best to reiterate what we know. By reviewing the above tips, they may give you some insight into what’s missing from your personal “formula,” or prove you’re covering all your bases correctly 🙂

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