Cinco de Mayo Stories From the Net | Weekend Roundup

Today we’re hitting record heat in Vegas. In the shade it’s 96 degrees (hopefully that’s where it stops, too).

So since my brain is melting, I went net hunting for some current news to cover a wide range of topics. Hopefully there’s a little bit of something here for everyone.

Enjoy and stay cool!

Socially Stephanie – Viral Content – Social Media Advice – Social Media Today

Content is the future. Strike that: content is the past, present and the future. Content is and always was what great marketing was built on. Today, that content just lives on a different medium… Read more


After Technology Destroys Capitalism – TechCrunch

I’m just spitballing here, to illustrate that we can and should think way outside of the box; currency with a half-life might not be the right idea. Regardless of the implementation details, though, all utopias (and this isn’t really a utopia, more like a next-itertopia at best) share the same key problem; how do you get there from here? If there’s no answer, this is nothing but meaningless speculation.

But this time I think I actually see a way…. Read more


Do Not Track feature no longer supported – Yahoo – BGR

While some third parties have committed to honor Do Not Track, many more have not. In February 2012, the major online advertising trade groups pledged at the White House to support Do Not Track by year-end. that promise remains unfulfilled. Efforts to standardize Do Not Track in the World Wide Web Consortium have resulted in… Read more …


How Startups Can Take Advantage of Media Coverage

Award-winning CBS affiliate reporter and TV host James Mahon has these tips for exposing your brand and company to media outlets and explains how digital journalism and online marketing can go hand in hand… Read more …

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