If Your Call to Action Flounders Simple Remedies to Fix It

All the greatest content in the world doesn’t matter if your visitor hasn’t a clue what to do next.

Yes the Call to Action (or CTA) is one of those often discussed features. It’s used on websites, inside email marketing, as well as within direct and mobile marketing.

So what defines your CTA?

What makes it stick out and yell, “Push Me!”?

Most of the time (and well we should) concentrating on the title is your primary concern.

However, a weak call-to-action isn’t helping you either.

Today’s post focuses on a small roundup of posts designed to help get you on track and increase your return on investment – be it time or money or both.

Let’s start with the ever popular Monetate website.

While Monetate serves a higher-end business perspective, no matter who you are or what you’re doing, your Call to Action (CTA) makes or breaks your food chain.

So this Monetate post is going to focus on just that – marketing advice on how to entice your visitors and turn them into buyers, readers, followers and more.

Like this first story by Tim Ash posted on May 13th. Tim presents four tips for creating an effective call to action.

What caught my eye was his search on google for Call to Action (CTA) didn’t produce any information designed to help affiliate and internet marketers or even home or small businesses.

Instead results like “Chicago Transit Authority” or “California Teacher’s Association” cover Google’s page 1 with nary a result for what you need to master effectively and efficiently (and fast). (Your results may differ since results are also based on where you are searching from.)

Tim suggests not muddying the waters and concentrating on no more than two offers, so I’ve found that the three (four really) services at would be a misfit for Tim’s “argument.”

That doesn’t always work, but then again MyWizardAds is really its own call to action resource for marketers (a way to advertise). It provides services, not products.

See what I mean… Click here to read Tim’s tips.

This next post may not sound as if it falls into the Call to Action category, but it does.

When you go through all the steps to create something, most likely you’d like something in return from your readers and visitors.

So “5 Monetization Mistakes and How to Avoid Them,” penned by Contentrix focuses on goals.

And aren’t goals your primary objective, too?

Unclear Call To Action Goal – Do your readers know what action they’re supposed to take once they’ve read your content. If your goal is to motivate an opt-in, then make sure no other calls to action or links distract from that goal.

I think we’ve all been on websites before where it all sounds interesting, but I’ll be darned if we can find the next step.

If you believe your web site or business is suffering from this same fate… Click here to read more.

And… don’t forget before you leave that COMMENTING is a free, easy marketing strategy, too.

So please leave your two cents (or more)!

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