Who Is Theresa Cahill?

Where to start…. hmmmm…..

For openers, my name is Theresa Cahill although I pen another blog under the name of Diane Scott. I was born in Pennsylvania, grew up in upstate New York, lived outside Chicago for a while, and then spent – well let’s just say “many” – years in San Diego. I’ve been in Nevada (never thought I’d end up here) for about a decade and a half.

I found my calling was computer-related with the advent of “word processing.” Toward the late 1990’s I started my career online beginning first with programs long since gone and finally making my way back to what I’ve spent a few decades doing… marketing and advertising.

My Wizard Ads was only one of a very small handful back in 2001. I started this co-op with the idea that “everyone wins.” The typical co-op just provided classified advertising in ezines. My foundation was built on the fact that you must get what you order, I make a bit of money, and the publishers (finally!) make money, too.

Since advertising online is a continuous process, I’ve endeavored to price the services at My Wizard Ads within affordable ranges. Typically (without you even knowing it) I go well beyond the description of any one service to get your link and information out onto the internet.

I truly enjoy helping others and offer advice, suggestions, ideas, and more that some “gurus” would charge you an arm and a leg for; in fact, many clients have told me I’m crazy not to charge for all the “consulting” I do (and sometimes I’m tempted to put together such a service). However, at this posting you can still find the information you’re looking for – for free – within this blog and over at the main website.

There’s also contact information on the primary site – with my preferred method via email initially (since the frequently asked questions about ezine advertising cover a lot of ground all on their own).

My other business is designed to help you get blogging – to really learn how to blog in a way that drives traffic to your blog and gets you noticed by the search engines. Whether you just need the basics or a whole lot more, I’m here to help.

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