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First, let me start by saying I in no way want to run your business. Your publishing is your business, the co-op is mine :) However, I do have to make certain that we are in agreement about a few things first :)

BY "EZINE PUBLISHING" or "DEDICATED BLOGGER" I mean (and expect) that you put out a REAL ezine or newsletter or blog post at least every other week. This is NOT a signup form for those thinking they can just collect names for their own use.

People come to me with ads they want to place. You as an ezine publisher or a blogger provide them with an area in your ezine or in a classified ad issue or even a no-follow page on your blog. In return, you give them the means to join your ezine or blog. (Everything you need to know - if you arrived at this page first - can be found HERE.

I DO CHECK and SUBSCRIBE to ALL ezines (and add all blogs to my reader) listed at MWA. I do watch my own ezine inbox for your latest issue. If an "ezine" is found to 1) not publish an ezine or 2) send nothing but advertisements and never publish a real issue, that ezine is eliminated and blacklisted (and I notify other co-ops if the need seems urgent enough).

I'm a really pleasant person to work with I swear (*smile!*), but I firmly believe there are enough cheats on the net. I must sleep well at night. Failure to list real, hard-working professional publishers and their ezines would be something I just could not live with... SO... if you're NOT publishing, do NOT fill out the form below.

Thanks for your understanding :)


I need ALL the fields filled in following the specific directions for each field.

DO NOT USE AN AOL BROWSER! The form will not transmit (all your work will have been for not...).

PLEASE DO NOT USE AN AUTORESPONDER IN ANY FIELD BELOW. I must be able to get the advertiser's information and his/her ad TO YOU. Your PRIMARY email address is required and tested.

Contact Only Email Address (ONLY I will use this to contact you):

First Name:

Last Name:

Ezine Name:

How Many Subscribers Do You Currently Have?


Sign Up/Subscribe Page:
I need the web link to sign myself up.
(http:// url)
If you don't have a page online, give me your MAILTO subscribe via email.
(Failure to supply this, unfortunately will mean I will not list your ezine at MWA)

Your Website Homepage Weblink (http:// and your domain info)
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Publishing Days:
What DAY(S) Do You Publish Your Ezine/Newsletter?
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Classifieds Published:
If You Put Your Classifieds Out On a Different Day, What Day?
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Current Issue:
Where Can I Find Your Current Issue Online?(required)
Type in the http:// weblink below
(If you do not publish online you must send me a copy of your current issue as it would appear in my inbox - my email address is at the top of this page) ::
If you are sending your current ezine through the mail, put "sending to you" in this box or the form will not submit

Where on Your Website is Your Web Page Showing Your Ezine Archives? (required)
Type in the http:// weblink below
If you do not archive, type NONE in the box ::

Inbox Only:
Is Your Ezine Strictly INBOX ONLY with No Online Web Page? Yes or No (required) (again send me a current issue please, I'll need to receive that before I can get your info listed. Specifically I'm looking to see how - inside your ezine - you display paid classified advertising) ::


How Did You Hear About My Wizard Ads:

Publisher's Agreement:
You AGREE to RESPOND Within 72 HOURS to any communication from My Wizard Ads Requiring Your Attention (confirmations to new subscribers, updating your website information monthly, any email coming from me where I clearly ask you to reply to me) (required)

Type "YES" or "AGREED" in the box ::

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