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In addition to using permission-based ezine advertising and solo ads there IS one ingredient you most likely need, have been putting off, or just don't understand.

You need your own spot on the internet.

You could spend years developing a website - and spend hundreds if not thousands of hours perfecting the search engine optimization (SEO)


You can start a WordPress blog.

Nowadays more and more "web sites" are really blogs in disguise.

If you are tech-savvy, installation is not difficult (which is stretching the truth since there is more to installing a blog than the framework. It is time consuming to get it right - not just get it installed).

If you're like most and you haven't a clue what a database is, what mysql does, how to install and use ftp, what should (and shouldn't) be added to your blog, along with a host of other situations you need help.

No one can fault you for not understanding what everyone says is "so easy" when it all sounds like greek to you.

That's where I can help you.

We work together, you and I, to get your blog up and running, with all the necessary nuts and bolts to make it
enticing for visitors, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the rest.

I won't leave you high and dry.

And, you do have two choices:

1. You can hire me on a one-time basis to install your blog on your already-purchased domain name and hosting account, and get it up to snuff.


2. You can become part of the WHB Club*. As a club member, after your install is done, I'll still be there for you. Questions about posting? I'll help you. Need help with this or that, as your blogging consultant, I'm here for you. You'll become part of the WHB Club... we're like your second family.

It will take business planning on your part - dedication and commitment, and your own personal goal setting (and doing). But again, if you choose the Club, brainstorming is part of your membership. Bouncing ideas, help, etc., I'm here.

Don't put it off a moment longer. Make your mark on the web, have your own place that tells your visitors all about whatever it is you've been dying to blog about and/or promote - with the added bonus of advertising to build links for yourself (along with promoting your programs) versus building more attention for "the other guy."

(If you need domain name help, nameserver assistance, hosting choice recommendations, theme selection help, it's included):


Why should you choose THIS "club" over any other?

If you're someone who wants to stand out from the crowd, build immediate links to your own domain name, and get help and assistance one-on-one (with me) when needed, WHB is for you!

Installation $97 (1st month), $17/month thereafter
(month-to-month subscription required, it includes all the above and ongoing Club membership):


* For examples of existing Club members:
Forcedgreen (2008 to present)
GoalForTheGreen (2008 to present)
BradBoardman (2009 to present)
AmericanBeauty Blog (2010 to present)
ElbeeServicesLLC (2010 to present)
StressFreeHomeRepairs (2011 to present)
Plus, of course, all of my own sites and blogs.

We are a "small" club which means people helping people. Big "chains" mean support desks, often impersonal interaction or no response at all.

As a WHB member, we're not just businesses or clients, but friends - a quality that is often difficult to find online, if not impossible.