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While much of this is covered in the More Questions? Get Answers section, here's additional information and some basics things to know and do no matter what service you choose:


1.  Avoid mentioning the name of the program. This is the biggest mistake most people make, and a costly one. When you tell someone what it is, they have the option of further researching it by going to a search engine. Should they choose to join, you risk the chance that they have forgotten that you told them (in your ezine or solo ad), and possibly sign up under someone else. So remember, do not tell them the name. Just get them interested enough to click your link and check it out for themselves. If you can make that happen, it's the sale page's job to "close the sale" for you.

2.  Do not copy and re-use any ads or solo ads given to you by the program itself. Yes, it is much easier, but it is a big mistake. I suggest you use portions (mix and match if given multiple solo ad advertisement choices). Provided-for-you solo ads can also be easily cut down to size and used as 6 line ezine ads, too.

Keep in mind that you are in competition with other affiliates. The lazy take what's there and use it. The wise, and successful, online marketer knows how to mix it up and create their own material. Customize it and make it your own.

3.  Use a link shortening service whenever possible ( or tinyurl or any of the numerous shorteners online). After converting your link (copy and paste your affiliate link into a shortening program, and it gives you a coded link that hides the identity) TEST it to make sure it does indeed land you on your own affiliate page.

Unless this is your own domain (and not just a redirect), shortening the url is your best bet. After all, you are not concerned with building links for the program; you just want them to read your WORDS and click your link.

4.  Track whenever possible. Some programs offer you the ability to check your progress (how many people have clicked your link, etc.). If you are not tracking, you won't know what WORDS are working for you. You are advertising "in the dark."

You'll save money by knowing which WORDS are working and which are not. WORDS are the only thing we have (even a video needs "word" marketing so people know its there). Tracking helps you discover what words trigger the result you need - the click to the web site.

Yes I'm going to emphasis this point, really drill it into your head. We all have only WORDS to convince others that our/your program or opportunity is the best choice, the one to visit and join. I highly recommend you go back to the sales page that converted you into a believer. Scan the page. Makes notes of good phrases or keywords that pop out to you. There was and is something on that sales page that converted you. Odds are it will be an attractive benefit to mention in your own ezine ad, too. (Refer to #2 above)

5.  Be consistent. One ezine or solo ad is not going to be enough. Again, words, timing, the right program to the right crowd, etc., all play a critical part. If you've set your mind, heart and soul into making money online, then be sure to set a budget, stick to that budget and consistently have advertising running for you online at all times.

And now... a quicky overview of "ezine advertising" services I offer.


1. Ezine ads - Highly recommended as the place to begin, this form of advertising is almost identical to the classified ads you see in offline magazines and newspapers. Easiest to write, just take the jump-off-the-page points from the sales letter that got you to sign up. Skim that sales page, make note of what draws your eyes, and think to yourself, "What made me pick this program?"

An ezine ad at MyWizardAds is 6 lines, 60 characters per line, including the link to your web site. If you use suggestion #3 above and shorten your affiliate link, this will help give you more writing room. However, if you can get your message across using less than the total alloted space, great! Short and sweet can be just as effective.

2. Solo ads - Personally I consider these one of the most, if not the most, advanced forms of advertising online. Unfortunately, the program you joined most likely recommends this as your sole method to use. They are wrong. Writing a solo ad (again reference both #1 and #2 above in the Basics section) is not "easy." Solo ads are pieces of mail that arrive in a person's inbox ideally.

However, we all get a lot of mail, so knowing the art of writing an effective solo ad advertisement is going to save you a lot of time and money. In addition using real ezines that will actually run your solo ad to that publisher's list of individuals is a no brainer. "If it sounds too good to be true..."

No publisher in their right mind would run your solo ads for nothing. It is a basic form of "bread and butter" for the publisher. Trust me, they aren't going to give this away (unless they are running a contest for their existing readers).

3. Solo Ads, An Article, and Even 1/2 Off the 6 Line Ezine Ad - I call this combination my "Solo Ad Explosion." You don't write a word. I personally ghost write your article for you, also write a more "traditional style" solo ad, and (if you so choose) write the ezine ad, too. You are sent a Review copy of all material for your approval. This service incorporates all aspects of online internet marketing, and you can find a full description by clicking the words underlined above in bold (no use repeating myself).


In addition to all the above, you'll also find you can join our blogging club if you truly have the desire to be a blogger and/or sell from your own web site. Of course running your own pages is the highest of the methods for advertising and marketing online. However, it requires the patience to learn, implement your own business strategy, and consistent attention. In the long run, building your own space on the internet should be a prime goal. But don't kid yourself. It takes planning, cooperation, and a willingness to commit to a much longer term goal.

So there you have it. Most likely I should list #3 under the MyWizardAds Services above before #2 since you avoid having to write anything. But for many "veteran" marketers, doing your own solo ads may be second nature. Perhaps you are also writing your own articles and distributing them via social media and article directories. Good for you!

NOTE: At the top of each individually priced solo ad choice, there is a link to teach yourself how to write effective email marketing. Each page states: "Learn how to write your own solo ad in 25 minutes. Eight (8) free video training tapes on successful solo ad writing: your subject line, your opening remarks, the main message, closing the message, and the call to action (getting them to click to your website)."

Please also note the earning's disclaimer at the bottom of every page. No one, and I do mean no one, can guarantee anything. What I offer is consistently lower prices, while providing the highest quality methods and strategies for advertising and marketing online.

Remember, internet marketing is an umbrella. The term was coined by rearranging the words, "marketing on the internet." Advertising in various forms like ezine advertising, solo ads, article marketing, social media, etc., fall under the umbrella as a "style or method of marketing on the internet or internet marketing."

Also, every program you join is a niche unto itself again under the "internet marketing umbrella."

Okay... This page turned out much longer than I intended, but it does emphasis that most people should consider starting with the 6 line ezine ad.

While your 6 line ezine ad is running (and being spidered and/or archived on other people's websites) you can turn to educating yourself on the art of writing solo ads (see free course tapes above), and join this master internet marketing program for free.

You can never get enough education and training to learn the art of internet marketing. I just happen to advocate free places to begin your journey (or continue your online education).

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of the My Wizard Ads website!