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How to Get A Free Ezine Ad Written For You

This is very similar to the page written just above this one.

I do write ads for you, along with articles and solos.

I do still provide access to inexpensive, yet comprehensive marketing materials and resources.

You don't need to spend a fortune on either.

The material I've been providing through a third party vendor typically remains fairly stable.

However, once it's been around for a while, the price drops.

That makes keeping this section of the website, and this service, next to impossible.

What I'm going to do instead is merely change the names of the pages to reflect the fact that, with minor inconvenience, you'll be able to investigate possibilities to help you find materials designed to help you advertise and market online and offline.

Sometimes it's the latest social media strategy. Other times, it's a new piece of software that will make your life easier.

Lots of ebooks, mini courses, etc.