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Inside the "contact me" area (use the link below, and no you will NOT be added to any mailing list), you will have access to both my Skype, Yahoo messenger, and my phone number and telephone hours.

CLICK HERE to use the Contact Me Form 

I highly recommend that you use the form above and allow me time to email you back before you pick up the telephone. I know the phone is "easy" for some, or you just want reassurance I'm a real person, and that is fine.

However, please do not ask me questions that are already answered for you on the FAQ page.

If after reading the FAQ and reading about the individual services you are interested in using, you may still have questions.

I return US-based phone calls. Outside the U.S. please do use the contact form above. I answer all my emails :)

Should you reach me outside my telephone time, please speak slowly and clearly, giving me:

o  Your name
o  Your question
o  What U.S. State you live in, and
o  Your telephone number.

Again, remember to slow down when you leave any telephone message or I just might not be able to understand you to return your call.

However, almost all of your questions are answered on the FAQ Must Reading page - click here

Wherever you are about to spend money, DO take the time to read first. This way you know what to expect and what not to expect. I hide nothing from you. I've been in the ezine advertising business since the late 1990s. My Wizard Ads has been officially here since October 2001.

Unsolicited testimonial:

"I just wanted to thank you for your very detailed explanations!

I have paid HUNDREDS of dollars for "information", "consultation" and "training" ....only to find that I'm given generic "information" anyone could have gotten with a 3-second search on google; "consultation" with condescending, self-absorbed and in-a-rush computer gurus who did little to explain anything for the newbie...or "training" which consisted of videos and a call-back 4-days later if I was lucky!

In a world where greed seems to be the status quo, your no-nonsense, straight-to-point talks have helped me not only understand, but have given me priceless amounts of tips, even if it meant I might do something myself instead of hiring YOUR company! All I can say is, WOW!

Of course, the loyalty I have to your company now far exceeds that of anyone else.

If you find anyone that is concerned about (even) paying for a phone consult with you... Have them CALL me!"

Robin Howell