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About Online Advertising With MyWizardAds - Continued

My Wizard Ads Ezine Advertising Agency Started in October 2001

In 2001, an ezine advertising agency like this one primarily involved putting advertisers together with publishers. However, knowing how hard publishers work, I also incorporated ways to ensure publishers were paid for their services, all the while maintaining the top priority that the advertiser receives what he or she orders. Win-win-win.

Ezine Publishers Are Regional, Ezines Are Global

A publisher typically has a primary topic that they write about, and each publisher working in cooperation with me at My Wizard Ads, runs their own businesses independently (yet in synch with the requirements of MWA to complete your order as outlined on each available services page). The publisher's here at MWA are mostly United States, Canada, and UK based. However, their readership is worldwide. Very few, affordable to the average individual, ezines are specifically composed of just one or two countries.

Of course, each ezine publisher is a key component of this advertising agency and each ezine publisher provides you with the opportunity to display your own online advertising to their readers.

Through the years, MWA has expanded to include all the time-tested methods for marketing and advertising online - like article writing, network wide advertising, blogging, social media and more.

Depending on the type of advertising and/or marketing service you choose, you may or may not be required to subscribe to the virtual newspaper(s) displaying your advertising.

What Advertising Services You'll Find Here at MWA:

  • Free ezine advertising and article writing (amazing offers!)
  • Paid ezine ad advertising (several options to choose from)
  • Solo ad advertising (sometimes called "standalone ads")
  • Solo ad explosion (advertising & article marketing all in one)
  • Learn how to blog the right way be a Whole Hog Blogger 
  • Social bookmarking services (done naturally)
  • Guaranteed traffic (discover what this really means)
  • Free online RSS feed & website classified ads with every order.
And I add new services on a steady basis, so always check back!

Marketing and advertising online takes planning. Don't believe the fly-by-night sites that promise you the moon and tell you you don't have to put some work into your online advertising. Traffic online is boundless, but it doesn't just come to you - YOU must seek out viable methods to bring the buyers to your web pages.

Finding the right online ezine advertising service made easy!

Just follow the sidebar navigation. You'll always know where you are, where you've been, and what you're doing.

* Explore your ezine ad advertising options
* Read and hand pick the right ezine for your solo ad
* Discover what guaranteed targeted traffic is and isn't
* Grab free resources and tools to help you market
* Read marketing-specific articles to give you a leg up online
* Free Marketing when you visit and comment on the blog
* and... there's so much more!

While I've done my best to make things "crystal clear," you may still have questions. Feel free to contact me. My contact information is on every page of this web site.

YOUR GUARANTEE:  You will get the service you pay for. Your order will be confirmed by me and the publisher(s). There is never any guarantee expressed or implied that you will make money online with your advertisement. Your choice of programs to promote is your responsibility. However, you are responsible for all payments made in order to advertise your programs, products, and services. Use your own due diligence when selecting any program or service to promote online.

MWA believes in OVER DELIVERING but not by cramming your hard drive full of useless material!

With Every Order You Also Receive:

Additional 3 line ad advertising (which you will supply on the form) that I will post on the My Wizard Ads website for 30 days. The classified ads blog is pinged to Authority websites letting them know about your opportunity.

This is a FREE service - always included - just for ordering today! 

So grab yourself a cup o' coffee, settle back, and start exploring! My Wizard Ads has huge ezine ads advertising groups, solo ad publishers, and targeted traffic for your web site. Be sure to sign up for your FREE Top Keyword position, grab the free marketing reports and ebooks, check out what I've been doing in terms of "the competition," and yes... there's always more.


While automation works fine for some areas on the net, when it comes to your online advertising, I believe you want a real person looking after your interests. From start to finish, MWA believes in the PERSONAL, HUMAN approach. I am here for you!


With all text ad orders, your ad is checked for formatting, spam trigger words, and spelling and grammatical errors. I also make sure your link is working prior to completing your order.

Your ad can also be "punched up" a bit (though I do not claim my rewrite will do any better than your own). You'll receive a copy in your email for your inspection and approval. I do not charge for this service.

WITH YOUR PURCHASE AT MY WIZARD ADS you can rest assured that YOUR advertising is handled in a professional, legal, and affordable manner. My Wizard Ads is dedicated to helping you achieve your online goals.

Outstanding promotional methods, along with exceptional (human!) customer support, create a service you can use over and over again with confidence.

My Wizard Ads means FREEDOM!... freedom to work your business more effectively. Start your online advertising today!

A Word to the Wise About Targeted Web Site Traffic

"Targeted" Traffic

- When you buy "targeted traffic" you are looking for VISITORS not HITS. That's why most services are NOT "targeted traffic" services - this one included. Sending a wave of attention to your website can help your traffic stats - often looked at by the search engines, where they are asking, "Is this web site visited, and if so, how often?" Buying small amounts of hits can be a good web site advertising and marketing strategy. Just know the difference, and set your expectations in the proper direction.

Other Important Online Advertising Considerations

Personal Branding and Product Branding

Branding is a must and it is a long-term commitment regardless of what anyone else may tell you on or offline. Most advertisers think only about the "what" they are marketing and advertising. For instance I say "Coke" and you think Coke, think Pepsi, think commercials.

However, the smart marketer also brands himself or herself through article marketing, blog commenting, participating in forums, social networking, etc. The key is to remember that "people buy from people they feel they know." So don't be shy, put your name out there! It does make a huge difference!

Also, for long-term branding, I recommend keeping your 6 line ezine text advertising inside well-read online publications. When readers see non-hyped, solid ads over a longer period of time this goes a long way to establishing credibility for your program, product, or service. Repetition, inexpensively, is the key to successful branding. Make use of your ezine subscriptions and build your product & personal name branding.

Words That Should Make You Cringe

If you've encountered a site claiming it will "BLAST YOUR AD" across the net, stop and think first. These words are the equivalent to spam, something any serious marketer must avoid at all costs. However, there are methods to ensure your classified ads are delivered to real classified ad boards and networks - My Wizard Ads uses such methods. Just beware of email blast programs - and your reputation.

What I Recommend to All First-Time and Veteran Marketers

Nothing beats a good, solid classified ezine ad. A 6 line ezine ad provides plenty of room to say what needs to be said. Run your ezine advertising continuously (an ezine advertising group is "good for" approximately 30 days of exposure).

Then, when you're ready, develop and test the proper solo ad to selected groups. If that solo ad gets a good response, keep it and run it until it doesn't pull any longer. Be ready to tweak and test, tweak and test. Typically writing solos is "harder" than writing an ezine or classified ad. Be patient :)

Yes, it's that simple.

To better understand what each service provides, please read below and/or the "Details" page(s) as shown on the Navigation Menu.

My Wizard Ads MAKES IT EASY for you to advertise
using ezine ads, solo ads,
and targeted traffic specific to your needs.